Chairlady’s Message

This is my third year as Chairlady and I think I have got the role reasonably in hand now. Simon and I would like to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the past year and for the year to come.  In 2018 we had 34 rallies which included 3 new rallies, 2 new Marshals plus 4 holiday rallies. There was certainly a lot to choose from and our thanks go to all those Marshals and helpers who helped make those rallies happen and to the land owners for allowing us to use their land.

If you have never tried a rally and think you could not survive without electric, you would be surprised how easy and cost efficient it is to have such a fun filled weekend. Check out our website rally pics to see what happens - Then contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

In 2019 we have again new rallies plus new Marshals and some of the traditional rallies to choose from. We will be attending the carnivals again this year and the theme for our float is ‘Scare Fest’ so get out those scary Halloween outfits and be involved with the floats. All of you can join in the fun.

Before you book your 2019 rallies please be mindful to consider if you will actually attend the rally. Although, the rally may eventually get full and the Marshals may start a waiting list, when people cancel close to the date often those on the waiting list have already made alternative arrangements. It is disappointing to the Marshals when people make a late cancellation.

I would like to thank our Rally Secretary, Paula Oxby for putting together this brochure and for encouraging our advertisers. Please mention their advert in our brochure if you contact them as it encourages them to continue advertising with us.

Can I ask that you share your photos on our website and not just on our Facebook page? Email them to our webmaster on Our web page is the first port of call for new members and I would like to show them the fun we have.

I would like to thank the Adult Committee and the Youth Committee for the hard work they did over the last year and in advance for the year ahead. They all work hard and help to make our centre the success we are.  May I also urge you to be mindful of your speed on the rally field. Keep our children safe by keeping to the 5mph (walking pace).

Finally, Simon and I wish you a safe tow at all times and we look forward to enjoying your company on the rally field soon.

Best Wishes

Janet Elshaw