Joint Yorkshire Centres Six Star Rally

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Joint Yorkshire Centres Six Star Rally (pdf)


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Although the final details are yet to be confirmed, anyone wishing to book for the 34th Annual Dinner Dance 11-13th Jan 2019, can still send a slip to Allyson Pearson in lieu of the details being confirmed. This was not printed in the new brochure. 

Allyson's details can be found on the entry in your rally book for the dinner dance 2018.

2019 Rally Brochure (pdf)


Brochure Forms & Slips 2019 (pdf)


Festival Of The North

The Caravan & Motorhome Club Festival of the North was launched in 2018 with a highly successful event at Alnwick Rugby Club hosted by the Northumberland centre. We are organised by the 11 centres of the Northern Region and our aim is to encourage friendship and cooperation between the centres. The focus is on family oriented entertainment and fun. The event is open to all members of the Caravan & Motorhome Club.

The 2nd Festival of the North will take place at Newby Hall, Ripon between 17th & 27th August 2019.

For more information please visit the Festival of the North Website

Festival Of the North 2019 - Booking Form (pdf)


South Yorkshire Centre Charities

Please help us support our nominated charities.  Throughout the year you will have numerous opportunities to help us with your donations or time, both of which are greatly appreciated.

Dear Ralliers, WOW!! what a year we have had raising money for our 2018 charities and what fun we have had. All your efforts raised over £4000.00, so on behalf of the charities THANK YOU

As we get close to 2019 we have chosen 4 charities to support, these are:-

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice – Nominated by James & Carrie Atkinson

Bluebell Wood helps to care for children and young adults whose lives are sadly just too short, helping both in their own homes and at their hospice in North Anston.

Cathedral Archer Project – Nominated by Janet Elshaw

The Sheffield based project helps homeless people to lead a fulfilling and stable life by supplying 1-1 support, provision of in-house nurse and dental clinics and access to hot food and showers. They also supply essential equipment such as sleeping bags, deodorants, underwear, and basic food.

Rotherham Friends Of Young Onset Dementia –Nominated by Andress Osborne

The group hold weekly classes to provide cognitive stimulation therapy for people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases. They raise funds to build libraries of equipment to loan out free of charge to their members and families.

Sheffield Animal Centre – Nominated by Alison Wharin

The centre rehabilitates and rehomes unwanted, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. They neuter, vaccinate and microchip every dog and cat that arrives at the Centre, prior to adoption. The centre has to generate all of it’s own operating costs themselves through local fund raising. They are in need of dog/cat baskets, blankets, food etc….

Once again in 2019 we have the usual Horse Race, Duck Race and May Day Rallies arranged, as well as the Harvest Festival Rally at Chatsworth House. We look forward to seeing you on the rally field.

Wayne Langford

What if I need to cancel?

There was an old woman who sat in a Chair

When ralliers didn’t turn up it made her despair

Why didn’t they phone us she sighed and she hissed?

We could have given their place to the next on the list

What can we do to make it work better?

We could take the hard line and send them a letter

But it’s not always easy I hear you say

To contact the Marshal on the Thursday

So to make life easier and so I don’t moan

Every rally now has a mobile phone

So there is no excuse for not sending a text

It might be you on the waiting list next!

Please mark in your brochure which rallies you book

If you can’t make it that’s unfortunate luck

But for some-one else you might make their day

And give them the chance to come out to play

Thank you for phoning to cancel

Wrote by Chris Royston


The Caravan And Motorhome Club

Founded in 1907, we're Europe’s biggest touring community, helping caravanners, motorhomers and campers access over 3000 stunning locations in the UK and Europe.

We’ve spent 110 years enjoying the great outdoors and can offer advice and inspiration to enable people to book their perfect touring holiday. The club also provides a series of quality, value for money products and services to enable holidaymakers to make the most out of their leisure time, building lasting memories, experiences and adventures. 

The Caravan And Motorhome Club

The Northern Region Of The Caravan And Motorhome Club

In 1997, Ten Regional Councils Were Created Region 3 includes Northern

Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland & Yorkshire

Their primary aim is to encourage and enable communications throughout The Caravan And Motorhome Club membership.

Regional Councils provide a forum to discuss Club issues and to solve local and regional problems.

Northern Region Caravan And Motorhome Club

Northern Region Council

What is the Northern Region Council?

The Northern Region Council of the Caravan and Motorhome Club is built up of eleven Centres: Northumberland, Cumbria, North Lancashire, South Lancashire, Yorkshire Pennine, South Yorkshire, Durham, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, Mid West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. 

The Council holds four meetings a year with a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chairman. There are two delegates from each Centre plus one non-centre member which form the committee.

What benefit is the Northern Region Council to us?

The Council has been formed to link the Centres to the Club Head Quarters. The Council feeds information from the Club to the Centres and vice versa.  Any problems or concerns the Centres and their members have, can be aired at the Council meetings and if they are not solved at that meeting then the Officers of the Council can take to the Club in order to get a solution, this can then be fed back to the Centres.

The idea is a support mechanism for the Centres and their Members, as we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved or maybe solved.

Does it work?

Yes it does – many problems in the past have been solved and useful information with regard to Caravans, towing vehicles and members safety have been passed on.

Yes it does – many Centre Officers have had problems within their Centres and have brought the problem to the Council and got advice and support from other Centre Officers until a solution has been found.

Yes it does – by saving Centre Officers and member’s time by bringing things to the Council for a solution instead of contacting the Club on smaller issues or non-urgent business, this also saves the Club staff time.

Yes it does – it helps to circulate information on events the Centres run, helping to promote throughout other Centres and the Club Magazine.


Northern Region Chairman's Message

My name is Kevin Ryles and I’m in my first year as Chairman of the Northern Region Caravan and Motorhome Club Council and

I thought I would just let you know a little about the Northern Region of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Council.

The Northern Region Club Council is responsible for representing the general matters of the club members and centre interests to the Caravan and Motorhome Club Council and to provide a means whereby the clubs interests of those members may be fostered.

The Council is made up of a Chairman, Vice Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer, two representatives per centre, one none centre delegate, one of the Vice Chairmen of the Club and an Executive committee member of the Club. 

As a council we are very proud that many concerns that have been brought to the council we have been able to bring to a successful outcome.

Thank you for your support


Kevin Ryles 

The Northern Region Caravan & Motorhome Club